Privacy Policy

Property Council New Zealand considers it important to preserve your privacy.  Because private information is collected through this website this statement sets out the protocols used by Property Council New Zealand in managing such information.  Property Council New Zealand collects information when it is volunteered by you, when ordering goods or services or when you book to come to an event.  Certain information is also collected when people browse Property Council New Zealand’s website.

We collect information through the use of cookies.  These are files which retrieve and save information about your visit to our website.  For example, we are able to assess how many times users visit the site, what parts of the site were viewed, and how the site was accessed.

You are able to disable cookies on your computer by adjusting the settings in your web browser.

Use of the information

Property Council New Zealand will use the information it receives to maintain the website and to find ways to improve it.  It will use the information to respond to any queries that you have, to provide information on goods and services and to improve services the Property Council provides.

We will also collect information to provide you with material on Property Council New Zealand’s activities.  You may opt out of this at any time.

There may be other purposes to which the information is put but if there are these will be made known to you at the time the information is provided.

Property Council New Zealand will use the information collected only for the purposes outlined in this policy unless they are required by law to provide the information to others. We may from time to time use external suppliers to assist with distribution of information or material. Our database of members and contacts is never passed onto external parties for the purpose of solicitation of goods and /or services.

If you ask us we will let you know whether we hold information about you and if we do, we will give you access to that information.  We will correct it if it is inaccurate.


Property Council New Zealand may update its privacy policy or its terms of use at any time.  Nothing in this policy prevents Property Council New Zealand passing on any information to a successor organisation.