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Be inspired, be connected

Supporting a growing network of more than 500 New Zealand women, Women in Property offers career support and networking opportunities through knowledge-based events in Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Christchurch, and Otago.
Women in Property events are the driver of the Women in Property membership base. Membership runs separately from Property Council membership and is on an individual basis, meaning any woman within the property industry can join.

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What we do:

Provide information and inspiration by championing successful women in property through speakers and events.

Facilitate networking opportunities amongst our members in a comfortable environment.

Increase participation of women in the property industry by reinforcing the linkages between women in property and their overall role in the property industry and related fields.

The topics vary, providing site tours, motivational speakers, panel discussions and strong networking functions.
To join or find out about upcoming events and membership in your area, contact:

Anna Muller  +64 21 858 498

Sarah Rundstrom  +64 21 951 150

Carol Harley  |  +64 21 847 113

South Island
Amelia Lindsay  |  +64 22 470 2926

Kaaren Dooher  |  +64 21 278 6790

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