Women in Property

Be inspired, be connected

Supporting a growing network of New Zealand women, Women in Property is a special interest group included as part of Property Council membership, with all women employed by member companies entitled to discounted event attendance and complimentary membership. 

This initiative offers career support and networking opportunities through knowledge-based events across New Zealand. The Women in Property Series content is highly engaging and topical, providing site tours, motivational speakers, panel discussions and strong networking opportunities specifically curated for women. In the spirit of inclusion and diversity, we welcome all property professionals (male and female) who wish to champion successful women, increase the number of women in the industry and support this series of events.


"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities."

Stephen Covey


What we do

  • Provide information and inspiration by championing successful women in property through speakers and events.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities amongst our members in a comfortable environment.
  • Increase participation of women in the property industry by reinforcing the linkages between women in property and their overall role in the property industry and related fields.

Women in Property Series Partner

Special thanks to Resene for partnering with us to bring these events to life.