St Asaph Street proposed road layout options - Property Council New Zealand submission

The ultimate goal of central city streets is to provide safe and practical accessibility for people to the businesses, residences and spaces in the central city. Property Council members, as the developers, owners and designers of those buildings and spaces have a clear interest in city streets, such as St Asaph St, being both safe and usable for people, cars and other transport modes.

Property Council recommends that Option 2, or a similar design, be chosen. In our view, Option 2 is best placed to ensure both the safety of road users and usability of the space for cars and customers of the businesses on St Asaph St. We encourage an outcome that addresses these issues. While the changes proposed under Option 1 provide some improvements, this option does not address the lack of parking on the street. We do not believe that cost should be the primary driver in selection of the preferred solution.