Property Council releases 2018 Statement of Service Performance

In line with new reporting standards for not-for-profit and charity organisations, Property Council New Zealand has released its Statement of Service Performance (SSP). The SSP sets the context for ongoing financial reporting and focuses on outcomes (what we are aiming to achieve) and outputs (the goods and services we will deliver throughout the year).

Property Council's SSP provides an updated mission and vision, along with three key objectives and detail as to how success will be defined.


To champion and foster the health and success of the property industry.


A quality, vibrant New Zealand commercial property sector.




Click here to view the full Statement of Service Performance.


Author | Simon Thorne

With over 20 years commercial experience in financial management and leadership, Simon has been a member of the leadership team since 2011 and is currently Head of Corporate Services. Aside from balancing the books, revelling in spreadsheets and providing exceptional financial services, Simon also leads a team of communications experts and support staff, ensuring the ‘engine room’ of the organisation is in fine working order.

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