PR RELEASE: Queenstown needs more vision to thrive

As New Zealand’s fastest growing district, Property Council is calling for a renewed focus on the future of Queenstown.

“Why is Queenstown Lakes District Council saying they want a 35-year Master Plan when their consultation doesn’t look beyond a few current issues,” says Property Council Otago Chapter President, Geoff Thomas.

Property Council recommends that the Council review the findings of the Master Plan consultation, take stock, and ask the bigger question; what is the future of Queenstown as a district?

“Focusing on the CBD is too narrow; the conversation needs to look more generally as to how we want Queenstown’s urban growth to occur over the next 10, 20 and 30 years.”

Mr Thomas argues “the conversation should be asking as to when the release of land for Lakeview Precinct will be prioritised, how Frankton’s growth will complement and not compete with the CBD; how can we get more quality apartments and townhouses in and around the CBD so people can walk or cycle to work, and how can we broaden and improve our public transport networks.”

Property Council acknowledges that whilst transport is a contentious issue in Queenstown, the Council has been proactive in looking at how to alleviate the current congestion.

“The research clearly shows that the best cities in the world are those that you can get around by walking and cycling, and we also know that more foot traffic is better for local businesses.  

"Queenstown has a vibrancy and an ability, thanks to our incredible natural and tourist features, to attract domestic and international tourists.  We must maximise this and use it to our advantage."

Mr Thomas believes “Queenstown needs to seriously reconsider whether it needs more roads, as building roads merely creates new destinations for cars.

“The evidence in New Zealand is telling, build a CBD bypass and the CBD starts to lose its vitality, reducing business and impacting jobs.

“Instead of focusing on specific issues in isolation, let’s have a community conversation about the future of Queenstown and the district. We live in a fantastic place, New Zealand’s pre-eminent tourist location, so let’s make it the best place for those living, visiting and working here.”

To view the Property Council New Zealand Queenstown CBD Master Plan submission click here.