Last call for Heritage EQUIP funding applications

There are six weeks remaining for applications to be considered at the next Heritage EQUIP funding panel meeting. The deadline is 5pm 28 March 2018. The deadline following that will be in late July 2018.

What is Heritage EQUIP?

The Heritage Earthquake Upgrade Incentive Programme (Heritage EQUIP) is a government initiative that was launched in August 2016 to assist private owners of nationally significant heritage buildings that are earthquake-prone with funding and advice.

Funding has been awarded to a variety if projects throughout New Zealand - from $1.5 million to assist with the costs of foundation piling and substructure works at the St James Theatre in Auckland, to $132,000 to strengthen and repair the Hurunui Hotel in Hawarden - Heritage EQUIP’s support has had an impact across the country. To date they have awarded 16 grants worth over $3.1 million and are almost a third of the way through their funding allocation.

What funding is available?

Heritage EQUIP provides both retrofit and major works grants.

The two types of Heritage EQUIP grants focus on different scales of seismic strengthening works:

  • Retrofit grants are designed to support smaller seismic strengthening projects. They focus on addressing specific building parts or retrofit solutions for common hazards. Retrofit grants provide up to 50% of seismic strengthening costs up to a maximum grant of $25,000.
  • Major works grants provide up to 50% of seismic strengthening costs. Major works grants support proposed seismic strengthening projects involving comprehensive strengthening solutions for earthquake-prone buildings, including large-scale or staged projects. There is no upper limit to major works grant applications.

Am I eligible?

Eligibility for funding includes privately-owned earthquake-prone heritage buildings which are:

  • Category 1 historic places on the New Zealand Heritage List/Rārangi Kōrero;
  • Category 2 historic places on the New Zealand Heritage List/Rārangi Kōrero in medium and high seismic risk areas.
Buildings listed on another category of the New Zealand Heritage List (as a wāhi tapu, wāhi tūpuna, wāhi tapu area or historic area), or scheduled on a district plan will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
To find out whether your property is eligible, please visit the funding eligibility tool on the Heritage EQUIP website.
If you are not eligible, the site also lists other funding sources  that may be helpful.

How do I apply?

All the preparation documents you’ll need can be found on the how to apply page of their website.
Applicants who are familiar with the process will recognise an extra form for summarising project costing. This form allows applicants to be specific about how their application treats three important costs: scaffolding, opening-up costs (to access areas for seismic works), and the make-good that invariably follows. These works/items are eligible for funding on a discretionary basis and the form asks applicants to make the case for support.
For further information and to register for email updates, please visit the Heritage EQUIP website.