Conference 2019: Industry leadership through times of change

It's a gathering of CEO's as Louise Mason of Stockland, Ken Morrison of Property Council Australia, Leonie Freeman of Property Council New Zealand, John Dakin of Goodman, Peter Mence of Argosy Property and Angela Bull of Tramco Group take the stage to discuss industry leadership through times of change.



Key takeaways

On culture and the changing workplace...

The culture in your company dictates whether you’ll be successful. You have to manage that culture just as you would a bottom line. – Ken Morrison

If you don’t have a communal space, if you do not have the opportunity to gather together as a community, then you won’t foster the right culture. – Peter Mence

No organisation is going to be successful without great people. In the war for talent, talent will win, always. Keeping talent within your company is critical to success. You can’t just chew people up and spit them out. That means that you need to be responsive to employees needs. As much as people might want to have balance and spend time with their families, they also want to do great things. – Ken Morrison

It’s not about the number of hours an employee works, it’s about outcomes. – Peter Mence

On embracing change...

Retail is a sector that has gone well for a very long time and I think we’ve reached the day of reckoning. The customer is king – as bricks and mortar loses sales to online we have to get better at the retail experience. – Louise Mason

The world has changed, we go out for entertainment and the shopping is a hook on the side. – Peter Mence

The interesting thing about the property industry is that it’s not just about the real estate, it’s about the whole shift to the urban dynamic, it’s fascinating. – Ken Morrison

Property is inherently a long-term game, so it makes sense that property investors want to consider sustainability as part of their investment strategy. – Ken Morrison

Get to know your customer, make sure you’re talking with them all the time so you can forsee changes that are on the horizon. We’ve all got customers and if we’re not providing what they want or need in the future we’ll quickly go out of business. – John Dakin

On diversity in the property industry...

Relying on business as usual and incremental change to increase diversity is just not going to cut it. We need disruptive change. – Ken Morrison

The best mentors, the best advocates, the best supporters I’ve ever had have been white men. – Angela Bull

When a female graduates from Auckland Uni with a degree in commerce and property, 90% of those females will go into commerce, and that’s a problem. We’re missing out on a raft of talent and we need to fix that. - John Dakin

What does success look like? Success looks like it’s not even a discussion. – Peter Mence