National Council

National Council

The Property Council's National Council guides the organisation's strategic direction, in close consultation with members.

Made up of industry leaders, influencers and decision makers, National Council members lend their considerable expertise and insight to champion the interests of the commercial property industry.

Led by National President John Dakin, Chief Executive of Goodman NZ, National Council is committed to fostering and enabling quality urban growth and development in New Zealand.

National Councillors 2020/21




John Dakin
Goodman New Zealand
National President

Scott Pritchard
Precinct Properties
National Vice-President

Peter Mence
Argosy Property
Corporate Leader

Simon Woodhams
Property for Industry
Corporate Leader




Mark Thomson
Auckland Airport
National Vice-President

Phil Littlewood
Stride Property
Corporate Leader

Patrick Dougherty
Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities
Corporate Leader

Steve Evans
Fletcher Building
Corporate Leader




Anna Crosbie
Russell McVeagh
Corporate Member

Andrew Hay
Stride Property
Branch President

Scott Adams
Bay of Plenty
Branch President

Brian Squair
Chow:Hill Architects
Branch President



Paul Robinson
The Woolstore
Branch President

James Riddoch
Greenwood Roche
South Island
Branch President

Campbell Barbour
New Zealand Council
of Retail Property Chair

Stephen Gracey
Rider Levett Bucknall 
Associate Member

Who is elected as a National Councillor?

National Council consists of:

  • National President, John Dakin – Goodman Property
  • Seven Leader representatives from the Corporate Leaders Group (voted by Corporate Members’ Group)
    -    Scott Pritchard – Precinct Properties (National Vice-President)
    -    Mark Thomson – Auckland International Airport (National Vice-President)
    -    Peter Mence – Argosy Property
    -    Phil Littlewood – Stride Property
    -    Simon Woodhams – Property for Industry
    -    Patrick Dougherty – Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities
    -    Steve Evans – Fletcher Building
  • One representative from the Corporate Members Group (voted by Corporate Members’ Group)
    -    Anna Crosbie – Russell McVeagh
  • One Associate Member representative (voted by the National Council)
    -    Stephen Gracey – Rider Levett Bucknall
  • Five Branch Delegates (voted by Branch Executive Committees)
    -    Andrew Hay - Stride Property (Auckland Branch President)
    -    Brian Squair – Chow:Hill Architects (Waikato Branch President)
    -    Scott Adams - Carrus Property (Bay of Plenty Branch President)
    -    Paul Robinson - The Woolstore (Wellington Branch President)
    -    James Riddoch - Greenwood Roche (South Island Branch President)
  •  Chair of the New Zealand Council of Retail Property (ex officio)
    -    Campbell Barbour - NZRPG
  •  Chair of the Residential Development Council (ex officio)
    -    Vacant
Please contact Rona Miller, National Council Secretary, for more information.