Membership Enquiry

Welcome to the Property Council Membership application page

To apply for a Property Council membership you will be taken through a five step application process to submit your companies details. Once your application is submitted a Property Council representative will contact you within three workings days. Please select the relevant Core or Associate membership button below to begin:

*If you company is already a member and you want to be added to your companies profile - please use the link at the bottom of the page and start your membership by searching for your business.


Core Members are working in the property industry in New Zealand. To apply your company will be a Property Owner, Developer, Operator or Manager.

There are four levels of Core membership, A, B, C and D. The level of membership is dependant on your company’s property portfolio value. 



Associate Members are interested in or servicing the property industry in New Zealand. Core business areas for Associate Membership includes; building services and maintenance, engineers, project managers, all professional services, advertising, and any other profession related to the property industry (e.g. professional associations, energy, technology, health, suppliers, transport and retail). 

If your business is also a Property Owner, Developer, Operator or Manager, please select CORE membership.

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