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Since 1976 Property Council New Zealand has been the collective voice for the commercial property industry.
Through our industry knowledge, expertise and the strength of our members we advocate for quality urban growth that supports and enables strong national and local economies.
Advocating for a vibrant property sector
As a Property Council member, you help to shape our advocacy through your involvement and participation in our committee, councils, and regional branches.

Providing strength in numbers we strive to serve our members through research, policy development, advocacy, education, and networking event programmes nationally and regionally, raising the industry profile as we go.
Connecting industry professionals
Property Council delivers over 100 focused and specialised events each year attracting more than 14,000 members and non-members across New Zealand. The annual programme of events is designed to provide educational, informative and networking occasions through a series of current industry-related topics.

Events are hosted at branches and chapters including Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Queenstown.

Member benefits:

Special member rates for all our events

Subscription to our quarterly magazine The Advocate

Discount rates on our research products and publications

Participation in member committees

Priority tickets to our annual Property Industry Awards

Listing in our national Membership Directory

Sponsorship opportunities at discounted advertising rates for publications and email newsletters


Corporate Members

The Corporate Members’ Group is the top tier of membership and is a national invitation-only leadership group. They play a central role influencing the sector and helping set the Property Council’s advocacy priorities. The Corporate Members’ Group define and defend Property Council values, that of being proactive, providing leadership, strength, communication and adding value to the property sector. They are viewed by peers as having considerable national scope and significance.

National Associate

National Associate Members are a national tier of membership that is available to companies who are engaged in a profession or business associated with the property industry as opposed to investors, owners, developers or managers. Benefits include national coverage and brand exposure as a national member across the property sector. They are viewed by peers as having either of considerable national scope, or if locally based, considerable national significance.


A Core member is a company that invests (directly or indirectly), develops, finances, owns or manages property either as its core business or corporate activity. Core member categories are based on the combined market value of property owned/managed/developed/financed in a state of membership.


An associate member is a company who is engaged in a profession or business associated with the property industry.

Member Laureates

Property Council Member Laureate Programme is to honour those individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the New Zealand property industry and Property Council New Zealand. The recipients receive Honorary Life Membership, as directed by the Naitonal Council, and are awarded at the Property Council Rider Levett Bucknall Property Industry Awards.

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