Diversity & Inclusion

"You know you are part of a diverse and inclusive team when you can look back on a decision or action and agree that it was the best possible outcome. An outcome that no one person on the team could have reached without the input of everyone around the table."

Diversity is one of those words that unintentionally divides. As with any major change, we need to recognise what drives the range of responses; from a lack of understanding, to accepted industry and cultural norms to change fatigue or fear. But at the end of the day the movement aims to encourage a diverse range of views from people with an array of backgrounds, skillsets and strengths.

The property industry is not alone in facing the challenge of enticing a more diverse array of talent to our sector. We can do more to foster the next generation of property leaders, particularly those from groups who have been under-represented in the past.

There is no denying that a diverse industry is a more adaptive industry.

In August 2018, Property Council established our inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Committee, a group of 16 property leaders gathered to lead initiatives that bring the industry together and move us forward. Chairing this committee is Andrew Stringer from CBRE and Mandy Waldin from Goodman New Zealand, who are supported by an exceptional team of people who are passionate about creating an industry that embraces diversity, attracts the best talent and champions inclusion. 

Improving diversity across our industry will have many long-term benefits and many individual members are making significant progress in this area. However, there is certainly a great deal more we can, and should be doing.

The past year has seen the committee refine their purpose and focus their energies on the first and most obvious challenges faced by the property industry; gender inequality.

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Setting the Agenda


To lead the property industry in increasing diversity and inclusion.


  1. Create awareness of the issues around diversity and inclusion in the property industry and the importance of addressing them 
  2. Measure and report on diversity and inclusion in the industry, our progress towards improving it and our successes 
  3. Implement a work programme to increase diversity and inclusion in Property Council, its members and the wider industry.



We can’t measure success without a benchmark. The first step to creating change is to assess the key drivers and barriers to attracting, retaining and promoting women in property. From this, we can review baseline metrics, agree on targets, develop action plans to achieve them, measure and correct. Baseline metrics allow us to measure progress and review and revise the effectiveness of the strategies we have put in place. Targets crystallise intent and ensure diversity is a priority. 

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40:40:20 Pledge

We know that the best discussions, thinking and productivity occurs when there is diversity. Many high-profile conferences, events and committees lack gender balance, despite there often being no shortage of expert women. Property Council is committed to ensuring the women in our industry are visible and included. To support this, we are implementing a 40:40:20 Pledge at all Property Council events, where we aim to have a range of speakers who are 40% male, 40% female and 20% either across local and national events, both as attendees and speakers. We will also be expanding this pledge to include Property Council executives and encouraging Property Council members to adopt similar pledges for their own organisations, including in recruitment, retention, management and governance.  

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Property Champions of Change

This initiative aims to drive greater gender equality in the property industry, increase the number of women in leadership roles and grow the talent pool. The Property Champions of Change will bring together senior leaders across the industry’s development and construction, investment, funds management and agency sectors to take action to improve gender equality in the industry.

Diversity Committee

Thank you to the following property leaders who have donated their time and expertise to champion diversity in the New Zealand property industry.

 Andrew Stringer  CBRE  Co-chair 
 Mandy Waldin Goodman NZ  Co-chair
 Mark Thomson  Auckland International Airport  
 Lauren Joyce Precinct Properties 
 Tamzin Letele AECOM 
 Angelika Cutler Panuku Development 
 Ryan Johnson  Bayleys 
 Ashley Parker Colliers International 
 Patrick O'Reilly Trust Management 
 Jane Holland Bell Gully 
 Rebecca McDonald   Air New Zealand 
 Edith Boettcher The Woolstore Management Limited  
 Kylie Eagle Kiwi Property Group 
 Amanda Spratt  MinterEllisonRuddWatts 
 Kristen Neri Taylors 
 Clare Piper Christchurch City Council 


For further information, please contact:

Sara-Jane Evans | T 09 373 3540 | E sj@propertynz.co.nz