Property Council New Zealand is committed to creating an informed marketplace by providing timely and accurate information that improves strategic management and operational decision-making within the industry.

Our focus is on producing the facts rather than forecasts and analysis that help you run your business and understand market trends. We provide regular research reports on investment performance and operating costs. Extensive databases on shopping centres around the country are also available.

Customised reports can be produced from our comprehensive office market and retail databases.

Browse our Bookshop to find these products. We also have a useful CBD Office Quality Grading Matrix and Retail Classifications which you can download free of charge HERE.

Latest Research Reports

Property Council, NZCID and the EMA commissioned the Environmental Defence Society to evaluate the environmental outcomes of the Resource Management Act (RMA). The purpose of the project has been to explore whether the RMA has delivered desired environmental outcomes for New Zealand. The findings are intended to complement wider assessments of the efficacy of the Act. The Report was launched on 28 September. A key finding of the Report is that the RMA has largely failed to achieve the goal of sustainable management to date.  The Report can be accessed HERE.

Property Council/IPD New Zealand Quarterly Property IndexIPD

Property Council's/IPD Quarterly Property Index was established in 1994 by 20 of New Zealand's leading property owners and managers. Since its inception, the Index has become New Zealand's leading and most credible direct property Index. It is managed by the Investment Property Databank, an MSCI subsidiary.

The Index is a value weighted, appraisal based Index which measures the income, capital and total returns from institutionally owned property in New Zealand. It has been developed to provide property owners, fund managers and analysts with a benchmark of institutional property performance in New Zealand. The Index is compiled with data collected from New Zealand's largest property investors and managing agents and released to subscribers quarterly.