Leadership and advocacy delivering sustainable residential development and investment


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The Residential Development Council has been set up to advocate for a pro-development culture at a central and local government level.

As a country, New Zealand needs a legislative and regulatory environment that will enable residential development and investment to meet the existing and future challenges in the sector.

We currently do not have this environment. The facts are simple, there is too many onerous central and local government regulatory requirements, costly red tape and time delays that are hampering residential development and causing or adding to unintended consequences like housing unaffordability.

The Residential Development Council is a national organisation that represents professionals and stakeholders within the residential property sector. It is a highly sought after group of qualified and experienced industry experts who are advocating for legislative and regulatory change that will release the handbrake that is constraining the residential development and investment sector.

The Residential Development Council has the following key areas of focus and serves as an advisory body to local and central government decision makers during policy making.

Better urban planning: establishing a robust planning system that results in fewer delays, more certainty and consistent consenting practices.

Less bureaucracy: targeting inconsistent and poorly designed rules and regulations that discourage development.

Infrastructure: future-proof investment in national infrastructure via aligned and integrated central and local government strategies.

Rigorous data: setting up a comprehensive knowledge base that decision makers can use to draw reliable information from during the policy making process.

Urban design: ‘good urban design’ that produces high-quality and sustainable communities for New Zealanders, that is also well integrated with adjoining planning rules.

Investment opportunities: enable a regulatory environment that allows for investors to develop housing at
a larger scale.

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