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As a member of Property Council, you are helping the industry have a real influence. Our 680+ member companies across the breadth of the industry gives us a collective voice to advocate for urban growth and building excellence. We are able to work with legislators and regulators – getting time in front of decision makers to offer our collective expertise and knowledge. We want to ensure their decisions are workable and FAIR.

We have:

- Access to government officials and ministers
- The collective force of the industry behind us
- Knowledge and information – we’re kept in the loop with regulators
- Access to experts, who we engage in a busy event programme on topical issues

We do:

- Protect your assets by encouraging the government to create fairer tax laws
- Protect your developments by working with the government on development fees and charges so they are fair and not a deterrent
- Encourage a modern planning system that understands commercial reality

We attract:

- Media attention to the issues that individual companies find it difficult to raise
- Proactive coverage of the industry that builds a positive public image

We facilitate:

- Member networking, giving professional services access to, and assistance to, other members
- Exposure to members through committees, working groups and providing technical expertise
- Opportunities to meet top-level people in member companies

Become a member!

We welcome new members at a national or regional level.

Please contact Naomi Read for queries or register your interest online here.