Fast Forward to Growth

Property Council's latest policy manifesto, Fast Forward to Growth, calls on the Government to break down legislative barriers to growth.

This document builds on previous Property Council publications in a response to public policy settings. Among other things, Fast-Forward to Growth is about:

· unblocking barriers to investment
· improving housing affordability
· furthering local governance reform
· aligning infrastructure plans
· reintroducing depreciation on non-residential property classes
· recovering Canterbury.

You can download a copy of Fast Forward to Growth  HERE.

For more information or to discuss any issues, please email Property Council Policy Director Daniel Newman.


A Roadmap for Reform

In 2008, Property Council published the manifesto, A Roadmap for Reform, which called for major law reform to ensure that New Zealand could weather the storm that was engulfing the global financial market.

The publication argues overseas investors were being put off by perceived government interference and politicisation of investment decisions while several statutes inhibited growth, cause lengthy delays and added needless cost.

Setting out a plan for growing New Zealand's economy - particularly the commercial and residential property sectors at the heart of so much economic growth - and securing it from the current economic downturn, A Roadmap for Reform argued the case for New Zealand to change course.

This included advocating for changes to the Overseas Investment Act 2005, the Resoources Management Act 1991 and the Building Act 2004.

Property Council was successful in starting process of change in several areas and is now working on updating the document to reflect the current regulatory environment.

To download A Roadmap for Reform click HERE