Sponsorship Packages

Property Council New Zealand has a number of sponsorship packages, and are able to tailor a sponsorship package to suit most objectives or budget.
As the calendar of events evolves throughout the year, a number of key topics and issues will be covered, necessitating the need for new sponsors.  Should sponsorship be part of your marketing plan, ensure you register your interest and we will inform you of these events as and when they arise - ensuring an opportunity is not missed.

Current Categories of Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship - National Sponsorship

Our key business partners, corporate sponsors are on our letterhead, in our publications, have their own page on our website, and play a major role in supporting Property Council New Zealand.

Awards Sponsorship - National Event Sponsorship

The annual Property Council New Zealand Property Industry Awards have a number of sponsors opportunities, covering the following:

  • Event naming rights
  • Award category sponsorship
  • After function
Conference Sponsorship - National Event Sponsorship

Conference sponsorship is a family of no more than 8 sponsors.  There are however, a number of additional sponsorship opportunities at conference such as the Business Centre, Welcome Cocktails and Main Conference Dinner sponsorship.

Event Sponsorship - Regional Sponsorship

Property Council New Zealand run a number of events within each branch that require sponsorship.  Each Branch obtains sponsors for individual events on an as needed basis.  Contact the Events Manager Sandra Stockton for more information on the opportunities available.

Corporate Partnership - Auckland Branch Events Sponsorship

The Property Council holds a series of events each year in Auckland that require sponsorship.  Event Partnership has been designed to ensure that these events will always have an appropriate sponsor by having a 'family' of sponsors that will provide sponsorship on an annual basis.  Sponsorship would be 'assigned' to at least four events throughout the year.