In The News

Radio NZ. 12 Nov 2015. Cultural sites could lose their protection.

National Business Review. 6 Nov 2015. Property news in brief.

Otago Daily Times. 6 Nov 2015. Science event leaves town.

NZ Herald. 5 Nov 2015. Young estate agent dies in tragic fall.

NZ Herald. 30 Oct 2015. Sale of corporate properties benefits companies and investors.

Stuff. 27 Oct 2015. Richard Didsbury honoured by Property Council New Zealand.

Waikato Times. 12 Sept 2015. Property council calls for bold action to revive Hamilton city centre.

Wanganui Chronicle. 10 Sept 2015. Editorial: 'Get real' on heritage protection.

Dominion Post. 5 Sept 2015. Property Council swings in behind quake-prompted masonry changes.

NZ Herald. 4 Sept 2015. Funding questions over infrastructure plan.

Stuff. 3 Sept 2015. 'Economic decline' warning over fixing quake-prone buildings faster.

Radio NZ. 15 Aug 2015. Golf NZ: Auckland could be 'under-golfed'.

Stuff. 4 Aug 2015. Wellington launches own commercial property awards.

Dominion Post. 4 Aug 2015. Wellington launches own commercial property awards.

Newstalk ZB. 28 July 2015. Lack of land a problem for Auckland Development Plan.

Newstalk ZB. 22 July 2015. Concern rates stifling development.

Farmingshow. 22 July 2015. Concern rates stifling council development.

Bay of Plenty Times. 20 July 2015. Be informed on soil contamination.

Taranaki Daily News. 18 July 2015. Experts differ on whether Christchurch rebuild has peaked.

Radio NZ. 16 July 2015. Auckland's character suburbs at risk.

Wall Street Journal.10 July 2015. New Zealand braces for next quake.

The Press. 8 July 2015. Council welcomes shift in rebuild.

Newstalk ZB. 4 July 2015. Auckland apartments could get smaller.

Dominion Post. 4 July 2015. Capital City Motors sells site to local developers Vicinity.

Dominion Post. 22 June 2015.  Wellington City Council wants power to focibly acquire land.

National Business Review. 17 June 2015. Only intervention in planning system will fix housing woes - Productivity Commission.

Stuff. 14 June 2015. Why intensifying our cities will hurt.

Radio NZ. 30 May 2015. Auckland Council backs housing land plan.

NZ Herald. 28 May 2014. Apartment living gets Key endorsement.

Stuff. 22 May 2015. No quake help for building owners in Budget.

Radio NZ. 20 May 2015. Concern plan could 'trample' property rights.

Dominion Post. 19 May 2015. Insurance companies factored "mega thrust" earthquake already.

Stuff. 17 May 2015. Wellington calls for hard cash to help quake strengthening.

Radio NZ. 12 May 2015. Payout for quake-risk Wellington properties unlikely.

National Business Review. 11 May 2015. Split views on new quake rules.

Herald on Sunday. 3 May 2015. Consumer Watch: Commercial deals a good bet.

Waikato Times. 2 May 2015. City of the future.

Stuff. 17 April 2015. Wellington needs a runway extension - Property Council.

NZ Herald. 31 March 2015. RMA reforms still likely to succeed, says expert.

Radio NZ. 10 February 2015. Taskforce to cut red tape unveiled.

Stuff. 7 February 2015. Planners call for national urban land strategy.

Radio NZ. 21 January 2015. Keep RMA standards high says group.

NZ Herald. 21 January 2015. Developers blame slow progress on lack of infrastructure.

Otago Daily Times. 19 January 2015. Auckland one of least affordable cities in the world.

NZ Herald. 14 January 2015. Concerns over high-rise, high-risk photo fad.

Radio NZ. 23 December 2014. Owners warned on quake strengthening.

Stuff. 4 November 2014. Singapore Govt invests in Auckland.

Radio NZ. 4 November 2014. Singapore invests in Auckland property.

National Business Review. 25 September 2014. Open up valuers’ boards and up fines.