Connal Townsend discusses where he's been and who he's talked to as we build our cities.

17.08.2016.Connal discusses the Wellington Airport runaway proposed extension, Property Council national conference, Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan and the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity.

23.06.2016. Connal discusses Property Awards 2016, National Policy Statement, Development Agencies and Christchurch Regeneration.

27.05.2016. Connal discusses Budget 2016, its implications and how it will impact the commercial property industry.

13.05.2016. Connal talks about our verbal submission to the Select Committee on the RLAB  which was well received and emphasised on local bodies’ understanding of available land for development, Australia’s Smart Cities Plan and its merits, and our meetings with the Local Government Minister on alternative funding methods.

28.04.2016. Connal talks about our plans to present to the Select Committee on the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill, increased policy and advocacy resources at National Office, future urban growth in Auckland and concerns around capacity, looking into the impact of the commercial property sector on New Zealand's economy, our ongoing work on district plans in the regions and more.

14.04.2016. Connal talks about our discussions with the Department of Internal Affairs on their Better Local Services initiative, Property Council’s national awards, concerns about regulatory measures in the construction sector, ongoing work on a National Policy Statement on Urban Development with MBIE and the Ministry for the Environment, and finally, IRD’s position on taxation regarding seismic assessments.

17.03.2016. Connal talks about two important events by the Bay of Plenty Branch on urban design on the 21st of March and Market Outlook with Transport Minister Hon Simon Bridges in Wellington on the 31st of March. He also discusses Property Council’s two most recent significant submissions on the Productivity Commission’s issues paper regarding better urban planning and the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill to the Local Government and Environment Select Committee.

3.03.2016. Connal discusses highly anticipated Wellington event Market Outlook with Transport Minister Simon Bridges and Justin Kean from JLL, Property Council’s new projects on urban redevelopment and CBD rejuvenation in Wellington and Waikato, our latest highly beneficial meeting with the Productivity Commission to discuss the future of planning legislation and how they can better work together.

18.02.2016. Connal discusses the importance of safety and seismic strengthening in the wake of Christchurch’s latest earthquake that has left the city reeling and the financial challenges facing building owners and communities, our ongoing advocacy work on district planning, and what he calls the “cowardice” of Auckland Councillors who have backtracked on intensification which would see more houses built in Auckland.

4.02.2016. Connal discusses the Rider Levett Bucknall Property Industry Awards and a record number of nominees for 2016, the Government’s announced support for housing projects in Auckland, its implications for the rest of New Zealand and challenging NIMBY mentality. He also outlines our ongoing advocacy work on a National Policy Statement under the RMA and finally, IRD’s position and taxation related to earthquake strengthening costs for building owners.

21.01.2016. Connal welcomes you to 2016 which is already moving full steam ahead at the Property Council. Hear about our ongoing and extensive advocacy work on the Resource Management Act with several government agencies and other organizations and our new events team.

Connal announces the appointment of a Government Relations Director based in the Capital, work with Ministry for Environment on a proposed National Policy Statement on the RMA, in the housing space, and the Waikato Branch's work as part of Hamilton City Council's Working Group on development contributions.

Speaking from our National Conference in Adelaide, Connal updates us with exciting speakers so far and the trending topics.

Connal talks about a brilliant event in Auckland this week on transport and infrastructure, the Wellington Property People Awards, the groundswell on the need for RMA reform, and our new Government Relations Director position.

Connal discusses Retail Conference, our partnership with NomosOne providing access to electronic leases, South Island's district plan progress and our success with the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.

Connal Townsend discusses the Productivity Commission's Land for Housing report, infrastructure and consenting issues and our unprecedented success at the Property Council Rider Levett Bucknall Property Industry Awards.

Connal Townsend discusses RMA reforms, Special Housing Areas, and researching Wellington's rates. He also discusses liability (joint, several and precautionary).

Connal Townsend discusses the Budget ahead of its announcement, earthquake strengthening announcements and his meeting with RICS.

Connal Townsend is back with his second video blog and he has three important issues to discuss.

Welcome to the first edition of Connal Townsend's video blog series. Here we endeavour to tell you what he's been doing in the last fortnight and what's on the agenda.