Bright future for BOP

Welcome to Property Council's Bay of Plenty Branch. This region has a bright future and we are positive about medium to long-term growth in Tauranga's CBD.

We are working hard to make a difference. Our focus continues on significant appeals, hearings and decisions on variations to the proposed Tauranga city plan, along with the proposed Bay of Plenty regional policy statement. Both will determine the nature of development in the region for years to come.

Now is the perfect opportunity to work together with business leaders and local authorities to make it happen.  

Brooke Courtney
Sharp Tudhope Lawyers
Bay of Plenty Branch President

Latest news

Building sustainable future cities that are good for the planet and offer sound economic returns is the focus of the upcoming Green Property Summit in 2017.

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Property Council welcomes Tauranga City Council’s Civic Heart initiative as a step forward in the urban renewal of Tauranga’s CBD.

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Tauranga on the right path

11/04/16 3:22 PM

We support Tauranga City Council’s direction for the year.

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Who is involved?

Executive Committee

  • Brooke Courtney (President)
  • Andrew Collins (Vice-President)   
  • Sam Wulff 
  • Ian Carlisle 
  • Anthony Averill
  • Jaine Lovell-Gadd
  • Darryl Fox
  • Jeff Fletcher
  • Dylan Barrett
  • Mike McLennan
  • Scott McKenzie
  • Scott Adams 
  • Fred Terblanche 
  • Steve Ellingford

Sharp Tudhope Lawyers
Harrison Grierson Consultants 
Starlight Investments
Traffic Design Group
Opus International Consultants
Tauranga City Council
Greenstone Group
Ford Land Projects
Preston Rowe Paterson
Integrated Development Solutions
Property Managers Group
Carrus Corporation
AMP Capital

How to get involved

Contact the branch manager, Vicky Williamson, for more information.